Monday, May 16, 2011

Sale, Sale, Sale!

The other day I saw on Facebook where NYX Cosmetics was going to start an "Anniversary Sale" and almost everything on their site would be $1.20!! The sale started at 12 pm yesterday and was set to last until 12 am. I was at my computer waiting for the clock to hit 2 o'clock (when it's 2 here, it's 12 in Cali) only to find out the website had crashed! Needless to say there were many unhappy customers, including me. Sometimes the webpage would show up and other times it wouldn't. People's shopping carts had items they didn't even choose in it. Several customers finally made it to the checkout page and got charged four times or more. The only thing NYX said was "Sorry for the problems, We're extending the sale until 12 pm Monday" Umm HELLO?! If no one can shop, and the people that actually can are being charged numerous times what's the point of extending the sale?! I think they should fix the site before they try to continue the sale. This morning the site still did not work.  NYX said they would give everyone a 50% off coupon code for orders throughout this week. Yeah, it's better than nothing but getting products for $1.20 was alot more than 50% off. I'm thinking they pulled the whole "Bait-and-Switch" scam. Bait and Switch is where a company will reel customers in by offering a wonderful deal only to switch you to something less appealing, in this case... 50% off. NYX has lost alot of customers over this and I'm still deciding whether I'm going to continue purchasing their wonderful eyeshadows. :(

Did anyone try to take part in this sale?

Happy Monday!
Erica <3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NYX Makeup

I took a trip to Ulta the other day and discovered NYX (pronounced "nix") Cosmetics! The eyeshadows are very pigmented and could be compared to MAC's infamous eyeshadows. I bought three of NYX's loose pearl eyeshadows: (L to R)  "Grass Pearl", "Walnut", and "Mocha Pearl". I also bought two eyeliners: Teal & Purple. And one lipliner: Fuschia.
Eyeshadow Pro's: I absolutely love love love the variety of colors NYX has to offer. I prefer the loose eyeshadows (pictured above) for a very flawless eye makeup look. The loose shadow is applied very easily and shows up very well! I would recommend using some sort of shadow base so the shadow will stick to your eyelid. :)
Eyeshadow Cons: You have to be very careful because these shadows can be quite messy. Many people prefer to tap a little shadow out onto a tissue... I prefer using a post-it because it's easy to fold to funnel excess shadow back into the bottle (call me strange... but it works!!). And I find when I apply the shadow, I seem to have alot of flaky excess... nothing a fan brush can't brush away.
Overall: I've spent some M.O.N.E.Y. on MAC shadows before... but for only 2.99 per bottle NYX does the job just as well!! The bottles are small, but it will last you... promise! It's so worth it. And Ulta was having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale. :) Here's two pictures of the NYX shadows applied:

I have yet to use the eyeliners and lip liners but will definitely update when I do!! I took a trip to Target as well and stumbled upon one of my all-time favorite cheap makeup brands- I'll update in a seperate post later. :)

I also plan on updating an "April Favorites" post sometime too! I'm so excited to get back to blogging on a regular basis... finals are over now so I have plenty of time until summer semester to update regularly.

Thanks for reading! 
<3 Erica