Monday, February 28, 2011


With the beautiful weather we've been having lately... all I can think about is the BEACH! The pictures above were all taken last year when we went to Panama City Beach for the weekend. I'm very lucky to live only an hour and a half from the most beautiful beaches in the world! And considering we live so close, we go very often! I might just make a trip to PCB this Saturday. :)
What is your weekend getaway?


Monday, February 21, 2011

Eat, sleep, study... Eat, sleep, study.

My life has been taken over by studying, scholarship applications, and the hunt for a perfect apartment. As of right now, I'm at work and bored to death! My past two weekends have consisted of nothing but shopping which is a plus! Unfortunately, I have to work next Saturday... but Saturday March 5th I will be going to Tuscaloosa/Birmingham for the weekend to look at apartments! I never really knew how exciting it would be to move off and live on my own. Yeah, it's kinda scary... but overall exciting! I think I'm more excited about decorating my own place than anything else. :)
I've had my eye on one condo-style apartment that's absolutely gorgeous! Everyone has their own bathroom and the apartment is fully furnished. Oh, and walk-in closets. :)

There's also a gorgeous pool area, huge gym, and free tanning! After looking at this apartment on the internet, I have not seen any other apartment that is the least bit comparable. I can't wait to see it all in person. :)

What was your "going off to college" experience like?


Thursday, February 10, 2011

TGIF! ...almost.

This week has been so bad for me, but it's starting to turn around. :)

My math class is about to kill me. There is NO need to know what a "parabula" is. I'm the type of person that likes doing things productive. So sitting in a 90 minute class learning about complete nonsense bores me to the core. I'm a really good student, but my brain can only hold so much. I'd rather fill my brain up with useful things. Plus my teacher scares me, so I try not to make eye contact. A student asked him if he was "excited for Valentine's Day" and my professor replied, "What kind of "&%$#@#%@" question is that?!" So yeah, I'm a little scared of him.

American Lit class isn't so bad. All we do is discuss the lives of different authors and poets. I mainly doodle my name the whole class while nodding my head and smiling occasionally. We only have like 7 or 8 people in the class, so the professor is more laid back. I had a paper due today and I turned it in on time... YAY! However, I found myself writing a last minute title and adding punctuation and such after I printed it. I mean, who forgets to put a title on their papers?! Writing is not my strong point. I can blog. But writing about people who wrote about other people is silly to me. Whatever will give me those extra 3 credit hours and an "A" is worth doing I suppose.

This weekend should make up for this dreadful week I have had... we have family coming down and I'm super excited!!! We will have a total of 9 1/2 people in our house this weekend. And yes there is a "1/2" because there's a baby! :) I hope to relieve my stress with some much needed retail therapy along with going out to eat at our favoriteeeee seafood restaurant.

 Do any of you have special plans for Valentine's Day?

Have a fantastic Friday!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New hair, New shoes!

Okay so I didn't update with a makeup post like I promised. I was in the process of taking pictures of the eye shadow colors and such only to find that my camera was dead. :( It will happen soon. Promise!

I worked all day saturday and got an amazing new hair do! I had pretty long hair and it was getting to be too much. It was so time consuming to blowdry and straighten so voilá! New hair!

Today I went to church and then went shopping afterwards. :) I bought two pairs of Gianni Bini sandals for summer (on sale of course). I also bought a CUTE pair of nude heels from Charlotte Russe for like 10 dollars. And on top of that a super gorgeous houndstooth skirt from Dillard's! And in case you're not from the South.... houndstooth symbolizes University of Alabama football. Houndstooth anywhere else is just another fabric print. But no, here in the south it says "I'm a Bama fan!" Roll Tide, by the way. :)

And tomorrow it's back to work for me. How was everyone else's weekend?

Have a good night!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Excuses, Excuses!

No matter how many clothes I have I always feel l need more. Valentine's day is coming up and it's the PERFECT excuse for a new outfit! I'm thinking I want a pink or red one-shouldered dress. I'll most likely order it from and if you haven't shopped with them... you should! I love all of their stuff and it's all pretty reasonable and unique!

I'm absolutely in love with this dress and might just have to buy it:

I plan on sharing some makeup tips with yall tomorrow. I already have a request for an eyeshadow look using 2-3 colors. Let me know if there's any other requests. :)