Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Excited, Excited, Excited!!

Here's a few things I'm excited about this week.

1. At midnight tonight Vera Bradley is going to start selling "Stadium Blankets", and I'm gonna stay up until 12 just to buy one! :) I have tons of Vera Bradley and I kind of got tired of it there for a while, but I just fell in love with the idea of a VB Blanket!! It's so cute and it will be supercute for my Thanksgiving vacay . :)
2. Tomorrow night I get to see Ronnie beat the mess out of "The Situation" and I'm looking forward to it! The Situation is a pig and a trouble-maker. It's about time he gets what he deserves for all the trouble he's made.
3. Friday! The beginning of my 3 1/2 day weekend. Josh and I are taking a little road trip to Birmingham to spend time with some family. :) I plan on shopping, eating at "Pita Stop" which is a fabulous Indian restaurant, and more shopping. I will try to remember* to take pictures of my B-ham adventures. :) Here's a picture of the cutest puppy everrr that I get to see this weekend:

4. ALABAMA FOOTBALL! Labor Day Weekend kicks off Alabama Football. It's kind of bittersweet for me, I was planning on attending UA this Fall- although I was accepted and had my heart set on it, God had different plans for me. So, needless to say I'm sad I'm not going to be in Tuscaloosa, but Alabama football will always have a special place in my heart. :) Have yall seen the new Alabama Old Navy commercial??

Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 VMA's!

I watched quite a bit of the VMA's last night and I was not, I repeat, was not impressed! You cannot really enjoy the VMA's when every other word is bleeped out because the award winners cannot express their excitement in a civil way. I understand people think Lil' Wayne is the best rapper alive, but he should pull his pants up. I cannot stand seeing people "sagging." It's unsanitary. And I'm sure everytime a big-named rapper/celebrity busts a sag or raps about killin' folks they are influencing alot of kids to do the same thing.
Justin Bieber looked like he was 12 last night. Selena Gomez looked more like his babysitter than his date. haha, just saying.

And everytime I see Kanye West I think of this:

My favorite jaw-dropping moment was when Beyonce showed off her baby bump!! I absolutely love Beyonce and I'm so excited she's pregnant! I know it's gonna be one cute baby and it's definitely going to inherit singing skills! I mean, look at how happy she looks! loveeeee herrrr. <3
What was your favorite and least-favorite moments from the 2011 VMA's?

Monday, August 22, 2011

The American "Royal Wedding"

Kim Kardashian is now a married woman. I must say I don't really take her seriously. I love Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E!, but I think 90% of what she does is for publicity. I mean Khloe married Lamar Odom after knowing him for like a week. Kim dated Reggie, some other pro-athlete, and supposedly her body guard as well... and now she decides to settle down. 
Another thing, Eonline has some video of her wedding and it looked fabulous! I still haven't seen a good picture of her dress. I do not like that thing around her head. Honestly, it looks like she tried to put on a necklace too small and just gave up and left it there. Not my fav.
Another unique thing about her wedding, her mom and sisters wore all white. I thought that was a no-no when it came to weddings, but apparently since Pippa Middleton wore white to her sister's wedding it's like a new "thing".

What do yall think about Kim getting married? Do you think it will last?

<3 Erica

Sunday, August 14, 2011

And on the seventh day...

Today was a great day! I woke up around 8:30 which is quite early for me. I actually took the time to blowdry my hair using my Kenra Mousse (it's amazing) and my hair actually looked cute!! I put on my "Sunday Best" and went to church to hear our new pastor preach! I enjoyed hearing the sermon and he made learning about Jesus exciting! Honestly, most preachers bore me... but today my attention span lasted alot longer than normal. Here's a few pictures to hold yall over until the next post!

^ SouthernCinderella & I. ^
 ^ Josh & I. ^

Quick Confession: I was going through some of my old CD's/DVD's the other day and stumbled upon my Season 2 & 3 DVD's of "Newlyweds". I'm sure some of yall remember the reality show "Newlyweds" with Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey that aired on MTV in like 2004 ish? haha Well, anywho I've been watching the DVD's on my laptop while putting my makeup/doing my hair, and I forgot how much I loved that show. They were the cutest couple and then they got a divorce and are now about to remarry to different people! I'm still only on disc #2 and have like 2 more to go. Does anyone else remember this?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The end is near: Summer & Desperate Housewives.

Fall is near!! School started back today here in Alabama for all of the little K-12 students. Fortunately, I don't start my Fall semester in college until next week. I really miss being a little kid though. After a long, hot summer of swimming and being a couch potato, I was always excited to start school back. Every year I would be so excited to go to "Open House" to meet my teachers and find out who was in my classes. I also loved going to buy my new binders, backpacks, and school clothes! Being in college really makes me miss those elementary days. In college you pick your professors and make your own schedule, and chances are you wont know half of the people in your classes. On top of that I have to buy all of my school supplies, along with spending hundreds of dollars on books!

Yall, Oh my goodness. Desperate Housewives will be cancelled after this upcoming season! I cried a little when I heard the news. It has to be the best drama on television, besides Pretty Little Liars of course. I've seen every episode, and I'm so sad the TV show is coming to an end.

Are there any other Desperate Housewives fans out there?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Things that are bothering me:

Number one: It was thundering and lightening today and did not even rain one drop! It's like a bajillion degrees outside, the rain would have cooled things down.

Number two: I went to Subway yesterday and they always overlap my cheese. You know what I'm talking about... the little cheese triangles could fit perfectly on the sandwhich if placed correctly, but NO they always overlap the cheese.

Number three: My cell phone contract is going to be up soon, and I can no longer have an Unlimited Data Plan. WHY WHY WHY?! Why should I pay $30 a month for only 2 GB's of data when I was paying $30 for unlimited? Cell phone companies are greedy.

Number four: There is a difference between the usage of "your" and "you're". Please learn the difference if you are unaware.

Number five: I wear "daily" contacts. I told my eye doctor to order my contacts last Wednesday and they said they should be in the next day. Thursday: "Our Fedex truck hasn't come yet. What is your phone number and I will call you when they arrive." Friday: "No ma'am, your contacts didn't come in today. They should be in Monday. Oh, it looks like I don't have your number. What's your phone number and I can call you when they come in." Today: "Nope, sorry. They should be in tomorrow. What's your telephone number?" OH MY GOODNESS. Now I have one pair of contacts left. Guess I will be reusing my contacts for another month before they come in. %@#*)($*(&%@$!!

Now! I'm glad I've gotten all of those things off of my chest. Blogging is a real stress reliever. ;)

What are some things that have been bothering you today?
<3 Erica