Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fall Wish List:

Every season I have a wishlist... a list full of must-have clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories. Fall is my favorite season, because there's always so much to do and the weather is almost always perfect.

#1: Red Blazer. (I'm not a big fan of this red blazer with that dress pictured.) I absolutely love red blazers and I've been looking for one forever! I've only seen one so far and that's from Charlotte Russe for $39. It'll make for a cute jacket on a cool Alabama Crimson Tide Saturday. :) If yall happen to see any other red blazers, please let me know.

#2: New "Miss Me" Jeans. I love Miss Me's! They are good quality jeans. I have a very "blingy" pair and my only complaint is that they snag everything I sit on. So, this time around I'm gonna get a pair that isn't so blingy. :)

#3: Cowgirl Boots. :) This has become a popular little accessory in the South. People wear them in the summer with cute dresses, kind of like a Taylor Swift-ish look. And I'm sure they will be popular this Fall before everyone breaks out their cold weather Uggs & Emu boots. Does anyone know where I can find a cute/high quality pair that isn't $300? haha
#4: A new purse! I've been using Vera Bradley purses for the past few years, but they get dirty so easily. I'm ready to get a new leather bag for Fall. :) I'm kind of in love with this Brahmin bag!

#5: Over-the-knee boots! I haven't seen many online, but I did find these at alloy.com.
By the way, there is a new obsession in hair accessories- feathers! And I just so happened to get a cute little feather in my hair. I absolutely love my feather! They come in all colors, but I wanted something that wasn't extremely obvious. I wash it, curl it, straighten it, and even blow dry it! It has stayed in my hair over a week. :)

What are some of your Fall 2011 must-haves?
<3 Erica

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My first baseball game.

Josh's parents got us some tickets to the Montgomery Biscuits game. I really did not wanna go, why would I want to go to a "biscuits" game? haha. But I went and LOVED it!! We were front row right behind the catcher person, I don't know all of the technical names. However, I was on the lookout for foul balls at all times.
Yall, I was like seriously having a good hair day. But then it rained and my hair got flat, frizzy, and wavy. Back on subject: Foul balls. I began to tell Josh that the baseball players were supposedly so talented and that's why they signed with the "biscuits" yet they couldn't stop hitting balls backward over the fence. I swear I almost got hit in the face like 4 times. And then I watched a girl get hit in the shoulder with the ball- but if she would have been smart and been on patrol like i was... rather than texting she would not have been hit. 

The picture above was taken with my camera... my camera takes such colorful pictures compared to Josh's camera (He took the first picture of me, above). And of course I had to take a panorama shot of the field.

Overall we had a great time, and we even stayed for the fireworks show!

<3 your newest baseball fan,

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Knee Deep in The Water Somewhere. :)

This past weekend we spent a relaxing few days at the beach. I feel like I gained 10 lbs because of all the fabulous places we ate! Here's a few pictures to document our wonderful weekend. :)

And let me share a HILARIOUS little story. :) So I decided I wasn't going to wear sunscreen, I'm just seriously fed up with being pale. And so Josh was like, "Will you put some sunscreen on me?" and I was like sure, why not. I reached in my beach bag and pulled out my brand new sunscreen SPRAY. And then I sprayed it all over him... little did I know I had to rub it in:
 Now my poor wittle boyfwend has some serious tan lines! hahahaha I couldn't control my laughter when he was like, "Hey genius, look at my back!" All we could do was laugh because he knew I didn't mean to make him look like that! His chest is even worse! haha

Oh, and thank you to the people who suggested persuasive speech topics to me!! I thought about it alot and settled on "Adopting Animals".

Have a great Wednesday!!
<3 Erica

Friday, July 8, 2011

Less than 24 hours...

and I will be at the BEACH!! :) I'm not as excited as I thought I would be, I guess because going to Panama City Beach is the same each and every time we go. However, I'm excited to get away from work and school for a few days!

I need your help: What is a good "persuasive" speech topic? I have a speech next Wednesday and cannot think of a unique/interesting topic.

Have a wonderful weekend!!
<3 Erica

Monday, July 4, 2011

Catching Up!

I think last week was one of the busiest weeks ever for me! Between school all day on Monday and Wednesday, and work all day Tuesday and Thursday, AND VBS everyday at 6.... I was pretty exhausted at the end of the day! Helping with VBS was so much fun, and all of the children were SO cute!! Here's a few pictures from VBS last week:

Those are just a few of the MANY pictures that were taken over the past week! I feel so blessed to have been able to work with those sweet children all week. It was tiring, but oh so fun. :)
This July 4th weekend was full of fun!  I went and bought a small "point & shoot" camera Saturday morning for the big events ahead. Although I have a big fancy digital SLR camera, I wanted a small camera I could just put in my purse and have with me at all times- you never know what you might see!! Saturday evening was our "Freedom Fest"- it's a festival with food and other vendors as well as live bands followed by a firework display at 9. Josh and I have gone every year together since we started dating. However, this year it was a little more exciting... I'm sure you all have seen this movie:

And if you have seen this infamous movie, you will know who Lieutenant Dan is (He is also in CSI: NY as Detective Mac Taylor). Lieutenant Dan AKA Gary Sinise started a band called the "Lt. Dan Band" and he travels all over the world to play for the troops. Well, this year's Freedom Fest's special event was the Lt. Dan Band!! Our whole town was excited to have Gary Sinise come all the way to Southeast Alabama to play for our local Army base. Our local bakery that Josh's parents own had the privilege of making a box full of goodies to give to Gary & his band after they flew into our local airport. Josh and I were able to see the private jet they flew in on... it was so nice! Here's a few pictures of the Lt. Dan Band concert... and I'm sure you will recognize "Lt. Dan"!

We were extremely close to the stage, and at one point I was front row. But then of course some crazy old women had to be in front so they could confess their love to Gary Sinise. I was so excited about seeing him because Forrest Gump is one of my ALL TIME favorite movies! Josh and I went to the back of the stage after the concert was over to watch the fireworks and next thing I know I look over and see Gary Sinise right next to me. I got to say hey to him and another band member, they were all so nice and down to earth! I had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

How did you celebrate Independence Day?
<3 Erica