Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick Rant. :)

Let me set up a scenario for you.

An old friend called me the other day (we'll call the 'old friend' Jordan) and told me that he/she was mad at... we'll call her "Elizabeth." Jordan began telling me all kinds of horrible things about Elizabeth and how her family hates her and she did this and did that. Jordan went on and on and on about Elizabeth. Which is fine, I'm not gonna tell anyone what Jordan said. I probably stayed on the phone nearly and hour and a half hearing all of these horrible things that Elizabeth did. I probably should have stopped Jordan from telling me everything but some of the things Jordan was telling me was just TOO GOOD. haha. The next day, Jordan updates his/her  Facebook status and says, "So excited to have lunch with my BFF Elizabeth tomorrow!" Wait, What?!

Okay, so this is why I don't have many close friends. Alot of people are backstabbers. I want so badly to tell "Elizabeth" that "Jordan" isn't a true friend but it's not my place. I can't even tell you how many true friends I've had. Mainly because it's been so rare. This is also a reason I don't have a girl best friend. I'd love to have someone to shop with, get my nails done with, or have a "girls day/night out" with. Don't get me wrong, I do have a few girl-friends but I don't have that best friend. Most girls are just standoff-ish and secretive and shady. Maybe true friendship vanishes after 4th grade, who knows.


  1. I hear ya!! It's so weird how people are like that, one thing I've learned, those who talk sh*t to you, will talk sh*t of you. it's one thing to vent to someone but to unleash a fury and all of these mean things... shows a character flaw!

  2. Its sad. its hard to find true friends. i was just telling my good friend tonight on how refreshing it was to see some old genuine friends this weekend at an engagement party. we never get to see each other cause we all live so far & are so busy!