Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recent Obsession: Victoria's Secret.

I went on a slight spending spree last week from Victoria's Secret. I normally order online because every VS store has something different and they NEVER have what I'm looking for! Here's what I bought...

I loveee this swimsuit! It fits so well. My only issue is the back does not tie and it's kinda tight.

The other swimsuit I bought was no longer on the website because it was only like 12 dollars, but this one is pretty much the same one. I love it! It's very comfortable.

I've never worn a VS "Bra-top" but after I received this in the mail and tryed it on, I will DEFINITELY buy another one! It's so comfy and looks really good on me! :) I'm thinking about getting several different colors in this style. I love one-shouldered tops!

I'm quite "iffy" about buying pants, shorts, jeans, etc on the internet because I'm always afraid they wont fit. After I looked at the size chart for these particular pants I came to the conclusion that a Medium would be my size. WELL, let's just say those "medium" pants would fit me PERFECTLY if I gained about 50 lbs. I'm not even kidding. I was so dissapointed! So, I'm sending them back today!! They look so good in the picture, but they failed to mention how big the sizes were and how WIDE they were!

I've made quite a few purchases at VS just so I could get the "Secret Reward Card" that is worth at least $10, but could be worth 50, 100, or even 500 dollars! :) Hopefully I'll hit the jackpot and have the $500 card! Haha

Have you bought any VS swimsuits this season?

<3 Erica.


  1. Haven't bought any yet this year...but I swear VS swimsuits get me every year...and I usually get at least 3 new ones during their huge sale...a girl can never have enough bathing suits right:)

  2. The second one was my VS swimsuit from last year and I love it so much! Its so simple but the peach fabric is SO pretty. Just got my two new additions for this summer in and I agree - VS swimsuits are simply the best. Love your choices!

    xoxo, elizabeth
    Life with Elizabeth

  3. I was just thinking today that I need to go see what amount I received on my card!!! It's always so exciting taking it to the register- then it's always only ten dollars haha! Love those bathing suits!