Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My first baseball game.

Josh's parents got us some tickets to the Montgomery Biscuits game. I really did not wanna go, why would I want to go to a "biscuits" game? haha. But I went and LOVED it!! We were front row right behind the catcher person, I don't know all of the technical names. However, I was on the lookout for foul balls at all times.
Yall, I was like seriously having a good hair day. But then it rained and my hair got flat, frizzy, and wavy. Back on subject: Foul balls. I began to tell Josh that the baseball players were supposedly so talented and that's why they signed with the "biscuits" yet they couldn't stop hitting balls backward over the fence. I swear I almost got hit in the face like 4 times. And then I watched a girl get hit in the shoulder with the ball- but if she would have been smart and been on patrol like i was... rather than texting she would not have been hit. 

The picture above was taken with my camera... my camera takes such colorful pictures compared to Josh's camera (He took the first picture of me, above). And of course I had to take a panorama shot of the field.

Overall we had a great time, and we even stayed for the fireworks show!

<3 your newest baseball fan,

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  1. Baseball games are way more fun when you are actually at the stadium or field watching the game, rather than watching on TV! Glad you had a great time! I fear foul balls too, so I totally hear you about being “on patrol”, haha.