Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Knee Deep in The Water Somewhere. :)

This past weekend we spent a relaxing few days at the beach. I feel like I gained 10 lbs because of all the fabulous places we ate! Here's a few pictures to document our wonderful weekend. :)

And let me share a HILARIOUS little story. :) So I decided I wasn't going to wear sunscreen, I'm just seriously fed up with being pale. And so Josh was like, "Will you put some sunscreen on me?" and I was like sure, why not. I reached in my beach bag and pulled out my brand new sunscreen SPRAY. And then I sprayed it all over him... little did I know I had to rub it in:
 Now my poor wittle boyfwend has some serious tan lines! hahahaha I couldn't control my laughter when he was like, "Hey genius, look at my back!" All we could do was laugh because he knew I didn't mean to make him look like that! His chest is even worse! haha

Oh, and thank you to the people who suggested persuasive speech topics to me!! I thought about it alot and settled on "Adopting Animals".

Have a great Wednesday!!
<3 Erica


  1. Oh my gosh! My boyfriend did that to me once at a family golf outing. I was wearing a tank top, and he only managed to get sunscreen on my upper back and shoulders. I had a really bad burn just above my bra line for about 4 inches. It hurt and when it started to peel I couldn't reach it, haha! Happy Wednesday!! :)


  2. I LOVE your vera bradley print! super cute :)

  3. a) there are no calories on vacation
    b) that sunscreen mishap is hilarious! that happened to my brother a while ago and the whole family could.not.stop.lauging!!! hope you had an amazing time :)

  4. It sounds like you all had fun! At least he didn't seem to be too mad? :) Cute blog!

  5. I guess this is another reason why we should always read the directions! I could see this same thing happening to me though.

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