Monday, January 9, 2012

I have several things to say...

1. ROLL TIDE! ;)
2. My wonderful boyfriend bought me an amazing makeup palette from Sephora for Christmas.So, I've pretty much been playing around with all of the colors. I kind of fell in love with purple lipstick Not something everyone can pull off, but it's worth trying out because it can be very pretty! (excuse the cell phone picture quality)
 I tried out a "sunset" eyeshadow look. It's quite easy, and the pigmentation of the colors were almost better than MAC. ;)
Then, On New Years Eve I decided to be a little daredevil and wear glitter liner! I used Urban Decay's liquid liner in Gold (not sure the exact name of it). You cannot really tell from the picture, but my lips are like neon pink. I absolutely love this lipstick! I had several people compare me to Nicki Minaj while wearing this makeup look! haha. Lipstick is Elizabeth Arden's "Pink Vibrations" lipstick.
3. I start the semester at a NEW college tomorrow! I'm pretty excited/scared. My previous college had smaller classes and many of the students were older. The new school is alot bigger with bigger classes and people that are actually my age! haha. I'm having Josh go with me this afternoon so he can show me around and show me where my classes are. Yall wish me luck! :)

<3 Erica


  1. Good luck!!! So scary AND exciting! And you are fantastic at doing makeup! Wish you could come over to do mine every weekend haha!

  2. I always LOVE how you do make-up!! I need to learn from you! Good luck tomorrow!! I know you'll do great! I started classes tonight.