Monday, February 21, 2011

Eat, sleep, study... Eat, sleep, study.

My life has been taken over by studying, scholarship applications, and the hunt for a perfect apartment. As of right now, I'm at work and bored to death! My past two weekends have consisted of nothing but shopping which is a plus! Unfortunately, I have to work next Saturday... but Saturday March 5th I will be going to Tuscaloosa/Birmingham for the weekend to look at apartments! I never really knew how exciting it would be to move off and live on my own. Yeah, it's kinda scary... but overall exciting! I think I'm more excited about decorating my own place than anything else. :)
I've had my eye on one condo-style apartment that's absolutely gorgeous! Everyone has their own bathroom and the apartment is fully furnished. Oh, and walk-in closets. :)

There's also a gorgeous pool area, huge gym, and free tanning! After looking at this apartment on the internet, I have not seen any other apartment that is the least bit comparable. I can't wait to see it all in person. :)

What was your "going off to college" experience like?



  1. ooo yeah, looking off at new places to live IS soooo exciting!! I like the one you found, adorable!! My going off to college experience was fun, I went to a University about 2 hours south of home, roomed with my best friends in sh*tty dorms that make for great stories :)

  2. LOVE that place your looking at!! I'm definitely going to have to come and visit!! I'm sure you'll find the perfect place and it will look o-so-cute!

  3. Wow! That place looks and sounds fabulous!! I wish that I could have lived somewhere like that!!

  4. send me an email if you have any questions! I'm a senior in college now :) Looooove college