Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Dress Hunt!

I went shopping in my closet the other day (I always find things I forgot I ever had) and I believe I found my Easter dress. I've only worn it once, so I think it'll be okay to wear it for Easter Sunday. :) However, I have been on the hunt for an Easter dress just in case I change my mind. If you're a busy college student on a budget like I am and still on the hunt for a dress, here's some helpful money-saving ideas!

I started looking at and of course the majority of their dresses were around $100. I found a gorgeous Jessica Simpson one-shoulder dress for $148 (Pictured on the left.) And then I found a similar dress at Forever 21 for $27.80 (Pictured on the right).

Instead of getting this pink strapless from Dillards for $178 (left), you could get this pink strapless with a gorgeous bow detail for $66 dollars from Lulu' (right).
Instead of spending $128 on this white one-shoulder Juicy Couture dress (left) you can spend only $42 on this white beautifully-detailed dress from (right)!
It's obvious you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on your wardrobe for any special occasion. All it takes is some looking to find the perfect dress for half the price! I hope this helps!

<3 Erica


  1. I love the dresses at the bottom! Too cute! I'm dying to go shopping but I am shopping in my closet for Easter too (vintage Lilly?) but def need to start being on the prowl for less expensive dressies! :)

  2. The hot pink dress and bottom dress are beautiful!