Sunday, June 12, 2011

My weekend!

I had a fabulous weekend! Saturday, Josh and I went to Dothan and shopped. :) I went to Target and got two pairs of colorful shorts (One aqua blue, the other black.) Along with some cute V-neck shirts for only $6 a piece! I also indulged a little bit at the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale.
I got several lotions (I've started using some already that's why they're not pictured!) I'm in love with Sunkissed Raspberry and Brown Sugar & Fig. :) I also got a Brown Sugar & Fig body wash along with Eucalyptis Spearmint Body wash and lotion. They also had alot of their candles on sale, although I don't burn candles very often I bought a small candle in Pineapple Orchid along with a roomspray. PocketBac Antibacterials were 8 for $5! The selection of body washes, lotions, and sprays were limited because they only had a few scents on sale. I didn't buy as much as I intended thinking they were going to have a wide selection of scents!

Tomorrow I have a speech due, it's an "Introduction" speech. I'm quite nervous! I've rehearsed and rehearsed hoping to breeze through it. Wish me luck!

<3 Erica


  1. I love BBW!! I haven't had time for their sale yet, but I will definitely get there this week! Have a great week!!


  2. That sale has my name written all over it! I want to go shopping soooo badly but am trying my hardest to save money! It's sooo difficult! Good luck with your speech!

  3. I wish we had a Bath and Body works in the UK! sounds so up my street! :)