Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last night I was taking Josh home and my car quit in his driveway. No big deal. But then I tried to crank it and.... absolutely nothing. I finally got it cranked and sped off so hopefully I would make it home. Well, I barely made it through a 4-way stop and was stranded on the side of the road... alone... at 9 PM. I was on the verge of a panic attack. And of course I pull out my phone and it freezes. So then, like an idiot, I start screaming "JOSH! JOSH! JOOOOSSSSHHH!" because luckily I was not too far from his house. Well, aparently Josh didn't hear me. I turned on my flashers and finally got my phone to work (of all the times for it to freeze up!) and Josh ran to my car like a knight in shining armor. I was SO happy I was not by myself anymore. However, I was gripping a screw driver ready to stab someone in the face if they tried to murder me- gotta be prepared! :) I did find out what's wrong with my car. A few years ago I received a recall notice in the mail describing the problem and it said I would be able to have it fixed at no charge. Well, I call the nearest dealership that is about an hour and a half away and of course it is free to fix it! But only after they charge me $350 for a diagnostic test. To say the least I am furious and ready to trade it in! It's a 2005 Volvo and I shouldn't be having issues like this!

Here's a helpful hint. Don't buy a foreign car. Buy a common car- more people will know how to fix it, and it will be cheaper too!

Have a great day!
<3 Erica


  1. Ugh, isn't that frustrating!! We have a Saab and though we rarely have issues with it (knock on wood)...when we do, it costs a fortune to fix. Not a fan!

  2. Awe that sucks. Yeh I had a new Jaguar and even just to get the yearly tests done, a new battery or anything so simple it was an arm and a leg to get done!!

  3. hahah, a good tip. Ugh, I'm so sorry~!!! Car issues never cease to ruin my entire week - all of a sudden you have an unforeseen problem that need immediate tending to and is usually very expensive :)

  4. haha! I am so sorry to hear this!! i completely agree with you about getting a common car instead of a foreign car. My oil change in my VW is $78-$90. If it makes you feel better, my battery died yesterday when i left work :(