Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Since last time...

Since last time I posted I have started my summer classes. I'm taking Macroeconomics and Speech. Yeah, that's not how I wanted to spend my summer. Honestly, I love to blog but unfortunately my life is not very eventful at the moment. I'm gonna try to blog more, I've said that a few times already but I'm really gonna put forth the effort this time around. :) For right now I'm going to list a few things I will be looking forward to this Summer!

1. Emerald Grande Beach Resort in Destin, Florida. LOVE THIS PLACE. If you ever go to Destin this is the place to stay! I stayed there last Labor Day weekend and here was my view when I woke up in the morning:

2. Being tan. :)  Up until last Sunday I was very pale. Then I decided to put tanning accelerator all over my body and lay out in the sun for a few hours. Mission accomplished... I now have color! I like being super tan though. When my face is tan I never wear makeup so I'm hoping I can squeeze in some sun time again soon!

3. Lazy days. I pretty much work every Saturday... so having a Saturday off will be soooo great this summer. Sleeping in (which I never get to do), then spending the day doing something I wanna do!

4. Sundresses.  I think dresses are the most comfortable clothes ever. Especially the flowy, light, silky feel of a summer dress. :)

5. Sunroof. I absolutely love having my sunroof back and windows down on a summer day's drive.

There are so many other things I'll be looking forward to this summer and the above just named a few. Considering I have a very expensive camera sitting on top of my printer collecting dust... I'm thinking I need to start taking more pictures! So be expecting them very soon!

Night Y'all! 
<3 Erica


  1. well, misery loves company so you're always welcome to blog about your life as a student! I remember that time and it was definitely hard! I love lazy days too, I hope you get some Saturdays off soon!

  2. I love Destin, Florida. We got every year .. well we atleast try to. It's like a family tradition lol. I LOVE IT there! I believe there is a pizza place like around the corner or nearby, was good!

  3. I'm spending my summer in summer classes as well! :(

    I am looking forward to soaking up some sun and getting to wear all my sundresses, though!

    So jealous of your vacation!

    xoxo, elizabeth