Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The end is near: Summer & Desperate Housewives.

Fall is near!! School started back today here in Alabama for all of the little K-12 students. Fortunately, I don't start my Fall semester in college until next week. I really miss being a little kid though. After a long, hot summer of swimming and being a couch potato, I was always excited to start school back. Every year I would be so excited to go to "Open House" to meet my teachers and find out who was in my classes. I also loved going to buy my new binders, backpacks, and school clothes! Being in college really makes me miss those elementary days. In college you pick your professors and make your own schedule, and chances are you wont know half of the people in your classes. On top of that I have to buy all of my school supplies, along with spending hundreds of dollars on books!

Yall, Oh my goodness. Desperate Housewives will be cancelled after this upcoming season! I cried a little when I heard the news. It has to be the best drama on television, besides Pretty Little Liars of course. I've seen every episode, and I'm so sad the TV show is coming to an end.

Are there any other Desperate Housewives fans out there?


  1. This is one of my favorite shows & I was so sad when I heard the news =(

  2. I cried too!! haha!! I'm devastaed that it's ending. I've read that the producers want to end the show while people still like it instead of letting it go on, and having the lack of viewers force a cancellation. Which I'm sure would eventually happen. Even the most creative person can only write so much good stuff about the same people before it starts to get boring. Still, I am dreading that last episode :(

    I look forward to having someone in the bloggy world to talk about the show with when it starts :)