Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 VMA's!

I watched quite a bit of the VMA's last night and I was not, I repeat, was not impressed! You cannot really enjoy the VMA's when every other word is bleeped out because the award winners cannot express their excitement in a civil way. I understand people think Lil' Wayne is the best rapper alive, but he should pull his pants up. I cannot stand seeing people "sagging." It's unsanitary. And I'm sure everytime a big-named rapper/celebrity busts a sag or raps about killin' folks they are influencing alot of kids to do the same thing.
Justin Bieber looked like he was 12 last night. Selena Gomez looked more like his babysitter than his date. haha, just saying.

And everytime I see Kanye West I think of this:

My favorite jaw-dropping moment was when Beyonce showed off her baby bump!! I absolutely love Beyonce and I'm so excited she's pregnant! I know it's gonna be one cute baby and it's definitely going to inherit singing skills! I mean, look at how happy she looks! loveeeee herrrr. <3
What was your favorite and least-favorite moments from the 2011 VMA's?

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